Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting Closer to Being Done

It's been so incredibly busy here - but I am getting closer to being done. That's a good feeling.
I have 2 pottery sales coming up this weekend. On Sunday we are shearing sheep and my Daughter Brittany is leaving for her new posting in Ottawa. After that - it will hopefully slow down a bit - and I can concentrate on getting a few things done around here. Here are some pictures of
my pottery. First of all - sheep.

These are the larger sheep - they are about 4" long. There were more - but we had a little accident - involving my clumsy husband - and a few of them are now shall we say - pushing up daisies in the shard pile. They are getting there - but I still want to experiment with some more
glazes to get better colours.

Now this second picture is of the miniature flock.
They are so cute. They are only about 1 1/2" long each. We unfortunately lost several of them in the clumsy accident as well. And I dropped a section of fence and broke it while taking it out of the kiln (so I can't totally blame him).
I especially like the little ram out front - and the
border collie. I plan to add string and turn these guys into little mobiles - I'll try to post a picture before they go to the sale on Saturday.

And last - but not involving sheep.
The pictures don't do these mugs justice.
These mugs are black clay - with a bas relief of dragonflies. Then I have lustered over the dragonflies with either Mother of Pearl - or
real gold. The mother of pearl (on the left) - actually picks up the background colour - and makes the dragonfly look pewter in colour.
The gold is also very stunning. I envision doing a few more of these - I've had a great reaction from everyone that has seen them. I actually plan on adding some sheep mugs to my collection - so keep an eye out - as soon as I get the first batch out and glazed - I'll be posting them for all to see - and ahem - blatantly for sale.

More later.

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