Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have decided to sell our Border Collie. She is a lovely, lively active girl, and I just can't keep up the pace right now.
Keen-Eye Wisp needs more attention than I have time. I now travel a fair amount with my
job, and am away a lot on the weekends. I decided in all fairness, that she should be with someone who is willing to spend more time with her, or someone who has other dogs or border collies.
Wisp is 4 years old. She is not spayed, but her shots and heartworm medications are up to date.
She is started on the sheep. We have worked a great deal on driving the sheep this summer, and not much on gathering, so her gathering abilities are rusty. She was trained on whistles, so sometimes gets her verbal commands mixed up - but she tries hard. Once in a while, my ducks distract her, and she decides she would rather herd them than the sheep - but she still tries very hard. I would love to see her go to a home with another Border Collie to give her more confidence around the sheep - but she would also make a great house dog - flyball dog, or agility dog. She is crate trained very well.
Please - serious inquiries only. Please contact me either through my blog on the comments section - or by e-mail: tammyward@xcelco.on.ca

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