Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Moving Right Along

Well - this is so much fun. I was so excited with the Kool-Aid rovings that I couldn't wait to do some spinning - so - away we went.
As you can see here (please excuse the
messy bobbin) - it was really kinda cool to spin, and a lot of fun to watch it spin onto the bobbin.

I didn't do a full bobbin - because really this is only a test run.

Anyway - I did up 2 bobbins - only a little less than 1/2 full each.

And here is the finished skein that I did up in
2 ply. Sorry the picture isn't very clear.
I will have to wash is next week - and set the twist - then I will have to knit up a test swatch - just to see what it comes out like. Ahem - I am
only a very - VERY beginner knitter - so it might not come out very good.

Anyway - I was pretty pleased with the final
results - even my DH was impressed with it.

And now - since this is so exciting - I have
7 or 8 raw fleeces out in the barn that I am taking to the fiber mill this weekend to have made into rovings. Some of them will be dyed - and others will be left natural so that I can play with more kool-aid (by the way - I went out and bought more kool-aid the very next day). To be honest - I think they look so great just hanging on the rack - I just wanted to leave them there - kinda like artwork. However - my
kitten had a different idea - so now they are in a basket.

Tonight - I have to go out to the garage and do an inventory on the raw fleeces that I have left, then I have to bag and box everything up for the mill this weekend.
I'm also going to do an inventory on my remaining rovings and yarn. I have a braided rug in progress - so I need to make sure I have rovings to finish it.
I also have shearing parties on the 5th and 12th of May - as well as my own shearing day on
May 9th - it's going to be busy, busy, busy around here for a while.

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